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Alpha scans & diagnostics is focused on delivering high quality, safe and timely scans for patients. our Our scan centres, you'll always experience a friendly and reliable service. Our primary aim is to provide the best quality scan so that a clear diagnosis can be reached quickly, and if necessary an appropriate care pathway established.

We understand that arranging your scan in a convenient and timely way is important to you. That's why we're constantly working to increase capacity and reduce NHS waiting times to help you get the appointment you need as quickly as possible.

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What we Provide Services to Our Patients

Whole Body Scan

CT Scanner

Digital Color Doppler

4D Ultra Sound

Mobile Ultra Sound

Upper GI Endoscopy

300mA X-Ray

Digital X-Ray

Computerised ECG

ECG, QBC for MP / MF

Cell Counter

Auto Analyzer






Contrast Studies

HSG/ Barium/ IVP

Hormonal Assays

Follicular Studies

Infertility Workup



All Biochemical tests.



CT Scan

Digital Color Doppler

4D Ultra Sound SCan

Digital x-Ray




2D Echo


Bio-Chemical Laboratories

All Biochemical / Hormonal Tests

We Specialize In

We provide a wide range of services

1) 0.3 t MRI from mrp 7000 make from HITACHI Japan and we statred in the year 2007 and still serving tyhe people of vizianagaram with utmost resolution and picture quality with no break downs...

2) 4d ultrasound from MINDRAY company with unique feature of 4d pictures of foetuses in utero and crystal clear picture quality and noiseless convex ,TV/TR (transvaginal & transrectal ),linear and cardiac and 4d volume probes. we could able to take 2d ultrasound (from GE), general abdomen, pregnancies, soft tissues like thyroid , breast, scrotum, and penile dopplers and peripheral vascular dopplers of all limbs for any vascular insufficiency and all diagnostic and threapeutic scans like aspirations and FNAC, and guided biopsies.Portable ultrasound from GE for bedside scans and emergencies for ambulatory patients.

3) CT scan from GE company with model name is CT nxi dual slice for all emergencies like head injuries , brain anomalies and abdomen ,pelvis and bone studies with additional software for 3d reconstruction.

4) 500mA digital x-ray from GE copany with computer radiography from icr 3600 and two digital cameras from kodak company . we are happy to indform you that we do all x-ray and x-ray procedures like HSG, IVP, FISTULOGRAM,ALL BARIUM STUDIES.

5) OPG (ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPHY) for complete dental pictures to study caries detection, fractures, and root canal procedures and cosmotic surgeries.

6) MAMMOGRAPHY from GE company for breast studies for early detection of cancers.

7) well equipped labporatory for all biochemical and hormonal assays (cell counter from mindray , biochemical analyser,from transasia, electrolyte analyzer, hormonal analyzer and exclusive dedicated analyzer for CRP, HB A1C, and microalbumin.

8) 24 x 7 round the clock ultrasound, ct scan services for all emergencies

9) Our House is located in the same premises on the top floor and available for round the clock services

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